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3D Printing at UWSP

3D printing is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material.  The UWSP Library has a FlashForge Creator Pro available to UWSP students, faculty, staff and also the general public.

The FlashForge Creator Pro can print with ABS or PLA filament (a biodegradable plastic), has dual extruders, and has a build volume of 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9".

Check out the video below to see a printer in action and some of the projects we've worked on!

Schedule the Printer

Interested in using the 3D printer or having us print something for you? Email us to set up a time!

The cost for 3D printing is determined by the amount of plastic filament used for your model, including support material. We charge 10 cents per gram with a minimum charge of $2 per printing session.

For more information review the Policy and Procedures page or contact Matt Sonnenberg.

Preparing 3D Print Files

In order to 3D print, you must have a 3D model that can can be loaded in the MakerBot Desktop program. The file can be either .stl or .obj format. You can create such files using design programs such as Sketchup or Tinkercad, or you can find premade files on the internet. A site that has a very diverse selection is Thingiverse. You can browse their different categories or perform a search for the type of model you want.

Once you have a suitable model your next step is to load it into MakerBot Desktop and prepare it for printing. This is a free program to download and can be found here. It is not necessary to prepare files on your own; this can be done by library staff. We also have a computer available by the 3D printer which can be used to prepare files. If you are inexperienced with 3D printing it is often best to let us take care of this step or come in and have us walk you through it to avoid any potential problems with your print.