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FCC Resources

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

FCC Daily Digest The Daily Digest provides a brief synopsis of Commission orders, news releases, speeches, public notices and all other FCC documents that are released each business day.

First Amendment

First Amendment

The Freedom Forum (nonpartisan foundation that champions the five freedoms of the First Amendment).

Freedom of Information Act


Media Law - General Overview

Media Law is defined as "The legislation through which governments regulate the mass media. It includes issues of censorship, copyright, defamation, broadcast law, and antitrust law. In democracies, media law is seen as a balancing act between two conflicting principles: freedom of expression and constraints laid down in statutes of common law, as in issues of defamation and the national interest." (source: A Dictionary of Media and Communication. Oxford University Press).

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Case Law Resources

Resources for Areas of Law and Case Law: 

LexisNexis has access to much of the case law, opinion, and secondary sources. LexisNexis provides several tutorials from to help you get started in legal research.