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Promote your mission, hold a meeting, host an event! Utilize what the library can offer your student organization.

Marketing & Development Tools

Resources for Exposure

ADVERTISE at the library FOR FREE!



Anyone is able to put up posters on either of our bulletin boards on the main floor. There is one in the Food for Thought Cafe and one in the hallway to the bathrooms, both on first floor. 





There is a glass case in each breezeway on the first floor of the library. If you have 11x17 posters or smaller that you would like to hang in these cases, contact Nerissa Nelson (ALB 104B; 715-346-4204). 




In the middle of the library lobby there are three large display cases that can be themed to any topic, event or student organization! We will work in conjunction with a representative from your group to put together a display and a banner to advertise what your student org. is all about! Take advantage of this awesome display opportunity and contact Nerissa Nelson today! (ALB 104B; 715-346-4204)


Our library facebook page can also be used as a channel for you to put word out about upcoming events, sign-ups or other information. We do prefer that anything posted on our page is linked to the library somehow - final post decisions go through Nerissa Nelson (ALB 104B; 715-346-4204). 


*These outlets for advertisement are not guaranteed. The marketing team will make a decision on whether to promote your group or event based on its subject as well as if there is room in the entryway or display cases at that time. But hey! It never hurts to ask!

Resources for Film Screenings

Show a film or video at your next meeting!

Did you know?

Copyright Law states that unless you are viewing a movie at home you MUST have Public Performance Rights (PPR) in order to use it.

Let us help with that!!

If you're looking for a physical VHS or DVD, in some cases we have purchased the PPR along with them. If you find an item in our catalog that is marked with 'Includes public performance rights' in the Notes section - you're all set to show that movie to your organization!

If you're looking to stream a video, Films on Demand and Kanopy Streaming Video offer PPR for ALL of their titles!

For more information regarding UWSP's Library Public Performance Rights for Screening Media Policy, please click here.

Meeting & Event Space cont.

Is your student organization looking for a place to hold a meeting or event?

What Space is Right for You?

Study Space Search

Click the link above to find out more details about our meeting & event spaces...

Meeting & Event Space

Collaborate with Us


We would love to collaborate with you.

BENEFITS FOR YOU: Student organizations have a lot to gain from planning a special event for their group. Hosting an event in the library will turn heads, raise awareness for the organization and could possibly aid in recruiting new members. 

HOW WE CAN HELP: Planning an event in conjunction with us means advertisement via any/all of our platforms: bulletin boards, entryway cases, display cases and our Facebook page. We would also work with you on creating marketing tools that could be distributed around campus. 

For more information contact Nerissa Nelson (ALB 104B; 715-346-4204)