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Art and Design
by Patti Becker, Dave Dettman - Last Updated Feb 26, 2014
Tags: art, art history, design, subject guides
Censorship Sources
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Mar 11, 2014
Tags: censorship, subject guides
CLS 105: Evolution of Health Care and Health Care Professions
by Patti Becker, Mindy King - Last Updated Sep 15, 2014
Use this guide to find library resources and appropriate websites for research on the health care professions.
COMD 360 and 710
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Oct 1, 2013
This guide features resources on allied health topics that pertain to the study and treatment of communicative disorders.
Tags: communicative disorders, course guides
Cooking by the Books
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Sep 19, 2013
An online resource guide to recipe books and cooking resources available from the UWSP library.
Tags: cookbooks, cooking, culture, cusine, food, nutrition, recipes
ENGL 150: "Elizabethan England"
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Mar 5, 2014
Use the resources on this guide to find information about life in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, 1558-1603.
Tags: course guides, english, shakespeare
ENGL 202: "I-Search: Careers"
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Oct 16, 2013
Use these sources to find information about careers: education needed, career prospects, working conditions, and pay.
Tags: careers, course guides, english
ENGL 275: Children's Literature
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Sep 9, 2013
This guide features library databases containing biographical information, descriptions of works of literature, literary criticism, and library catalog information to help you with your children's literature assignments.
Tags: chilldren's literature, course guides, english
ESL Library Research
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Jul 24, 2013
Tags: esl, special topic guides
High School Visitors Research Guide
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Dec 3, 2013
This guide is intended to assist high school students who visit the UWSP library to search for material in the library's collection, with an emphasis on books and peer-reviewed periodical articles.
Tags: high school, special topic guides, subject guides
How to Avoid Plagiarism
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Dec 11, 2013
Tags: how-to guides, plagiarism
How to Cite
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Mar 27, 2014
A collection of guides to assist you in citing sources
Tags: citing sources, how-to guides
How to Search the Library Catalog
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Mar 11, 2014
A guide to using the University Library Catalog to effectively search for library resources
Tags: how-to guides, library catalog
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Jun 26, 2014
Welcome to the Music Library Guide
Tags: music, subject guides
by Patti Becker - Last Updated Sep 5, 2014
Tags: databases, reference, subject guides