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Primary Source Research Articles

In the scineces, a primary source is the original publication of new data, research or theories.  Examples include: experimental studies, clinical trials, opinion surveys

Typically, primary research articles are published in peer-reviewed journal articles with standardized sections, including

  • Literature Review
  • description of Methods
  • tables of Data
  • summary of Results or formal Conclusion.  

Need help deciding if an article is published in a peer-reviewed journal?  Use this table of characteristics to help you decide.

Citation Tracking

Backward Citation Tracking: Looking at an article's works cited list provides a snapshot of the research that was available at the time of publication and will provide you with a wealth of related sources.

Forward Citation Tracking: Looking to see if a source has been cited by others will help you determine its importance and will identify other, more current sources.  Look for "times cited" or "cited by" in tools such as Biological Abstracts and Google Scholar.

Finding Articles Using Individual Databases

Below is a selection of subject databases you can search individually.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search