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Learn effective strategies to research your group’s topic.

Search@UW (articles, books, and more)


The purpose of this guide is to help you find appropriate sources for your Paper #3 assignment, and ultimately for your multigenre paper. The prompts below include search tips and appropriate databases to use. 

Search Tips

BROAD SEARCH: Use Search@UW as your gateway to a variety of sources (books, articles, videos, images, government documents, etc.). 

SUIBJECT-SPECIFIC SEARCH: Use subject databases to find specific articles on your topic (e.g., Use Gender Studies or Gender Watch to search for articles on "Gender and Islam").

SEARCH STRATEGIES: Use keyword terms to search for sources related to your topic. Evaluate your results by looking at the title, abstract, and source to determine if you want to include it in your work. Use the FILTERS in Search@UW and databases to LIMIT your search. For example: 

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Date Range
  • Add a subject term
  • Resource type (book, article, video, government documents)
  • and many more...


Reference Databases

Subject & Interdisciplinary Databases

Graphic Novel Elements

Comic Strip Comic Book Graphic Novel
Single idea (often but not always a joke) Serialized story Bound narrative with story arc
Story unfolds across multiple panels (typically 3-5) Story unfolds across multiple pages in panels or strips Multiple pages
Often serialized, appearing in newspaper and magazines Often multiple artists and writers for one series Combination of single page illustrations and multiple panels
  Often the product of a studio (i.e., Marvel or DC) Illustrations and textual components work together to reveal the story