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ENGL 150: I-Search and Literature Review Library Resource Guide (Brickner): Home

I-Search and Literature Review Library Resource Guide (Brickner)

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CQ Researcher

Weekly in-depth single topic reports covering current issues and controversial subjects.  Each report includes an background and current status, pro-con essays, future outlook, and a bibliography.

Finding Articles

I-Search Topics

ENG 150 i-Search Topics/Argumentative topics


  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Dealing
  • Middle/Upper Class supporting Drug Dealers
  • Health Care

Gang Violence

  • Age; adolescent, teens, adults
  • Specific races

Prison systems

  • Does rehab work?
  • Psychological effect-adults/juvenile
  • Religion and prisons
  • Rate of prisoners committing crimes when released to get back into jail. Recidivism

GI Bill

  • How has GI Bill changed
  • How is race treated differently? Gender?


  • Government funding-inner city
  • Public to Military
  • Inner city-suburbs

Law Enforcement/Race

  • Profiling
  • Abuse of Power


  • Intra-racial discrimination
  • Inter-racial discrimination