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Why has Kanopy access changed?kanopy logo

Due to rapidly escalating costs, UWSP librarians are now mediating access to Kanopy films. Kanopy's pricing in our previous model was based on views per title.  Once a title was viewed four times for longer than 30 seconds, we were charged $150 for one year of access. In our current budget situation, the costs and the lack of control with this pricing model is no longer sustainable.  See a recent piece in Film Quarterly about the issue.  

We are among many academic libraries dealing with this problem as described in a recent article in Film Quarterly.  We understand and respect how important streaming media has become, especially as our online course offerings grow.  We regret having to make this change, but we could not justify or sustain Kanopy's uncontrollable costs. 

Can I still use Kanopy?

Yes!   But, we will limit licenses to films for classroom use or for public performance use by campus groups. Under the new mediated model, users will still be able to watch all of our currently licensed content (over 225 videos as of May, 2020 - see the list below).  If a film is not licensed for UWSP, you will be presented with a request form to complete which is then emailed to the library staff.  We will review the request and let you know if it is approved and when the film will be available.     


What if a film I planned to use this semester is no longer available on Kanopy?

If you were planning to use a film that is not currently license by UWSP on Kanopy, or if the license for the film will expire before the date needed, please contact Terri Muraski ( or Matt Sonnenberg ( as soon as possible or just fill out the request form.   Be sure to include your email address, and the course name and number.  Film licensing is at the discretion of the UWSP Libraries.

You will need to scroll to the bottom of search results to see films for which we do not yet have licenses.

Please allow 1-2 working days to process your request.

Current Kanopy Licenses