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Critical Thinking Resources: Home

A collaborative initiative between the UWSP Critical Thinking Center and the Libraries to provide a clearinghouse for critical thinking resources that both live internally at UWSP and externally on the Internet.


If you have a resource that you would like to see added to this LibGuide, or if you spot an error, please let us know by contacting the Critical Thinking Center ( We would love to hear from you!

About this Guide

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's Critical Thinking LibGuide!

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point understands critical thinking to be the process of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, and constructing reasoning in deciding what conclusions to draw (case-making or argumentation) or actions to take (decision-making and problem-solving).

Accordingly, this guide contains pages devoted to

And because the world is too complex to understand single-handedly, we include a page devoted to

Critical Thinking Category in the General Education Program

Locally Generated Resources

Videos and Podcasts