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HIST 300: Methods and Skills of History/Primary & Secondary Sources : COLLECTED WORKS

Examples of Published Primary Sources Found at the UWSP Library: Collected Works and Manuscripts

Please contact the ARCHIVES for help in accessing these resources. 


Ambrose, Stephen E., editor.  A Wisconsin Boy in Dixie: Civil War Letters of James K.

          Newton.  E601 .N56 1989


Andrews, Evangeline Walker, editor.  Jonathon Dickinson’s Journal; or, God’s Protecting Providence. 

          Being the Narrative of a Journey from Port Royal in Jamaica to Philadelphia Between August

          23, 1696 and April 1, 1697.  F 314 .D565


Buhle, Mari Jo and Paul, editors.  The Concise History of Woman Suffrage: Selections from the Work

          of Stanton, Anthony, Gage, and Harper.  JK 1896 .C58


Calabria, Michael D., editor.  Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece: Her Diary and “Visions.” 

          RT 37 .N5 A3 1997


Curtiss, Daniel S. and Thompson, Joseph Parrish.  Western Portraiture, and Emigrants' Guide: A

Description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with Remarks on Minnesota, and Other Territories.

Archives/Rare Books F597 .C97 (1852)


Ellis, Albert Gallatin.  Hand-book of Stevens Point and the Upper Wisconsin: Its Character, Early

          Settlement, Villages, Population & General Advantages for Settlers, with a Correct Map of the

          State.  Archives F587 .P8 E4 (1857)


Freeman, Samuel.  The Emigrant's Hand Book and Guide to Wisconsin: Comprising Information

          Respecting Agricultural and Manufacturing Employment, Wages, Climate, Population, etc.,

          Sketch of Milwaukee, the Queen City of the Lakes, Its Rise and Progress, Businesses and

          Population, List of Public Officers, with a Full and Accurate Table of Statistical Information of

          that and Other Ports on Lake Michigan.  Also Table of Routes from New York, Boston, etc., to

          Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha, List of Steamboats etc., and Other General Information to

          Emigrants.  F586 .F85 1968 & Archives PCHS SC 630


Sullivan, Patricia, editor.  Freedom Writer: Virginia Foster Durr, Letters from the Civil Rights Years.

          CT 275 D.8848 A4 2003


Fitzpatrick, John C., editor.  The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript

          Sources, 1745-1799; Prepared Under the Direction of the United States George Washington

          Washington Bicentennial Commission and Published by Authority of Congress.  E 312.7 1931


Gordon, Ann D.  The Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

          HQ 1410 .A2525 1997


Johnson, Herbert A., editor.  The Papers of John Marshall.  E 302 .M365


Looby, Christopher, editor.  The Complete Civil War Journal and Selected Letters of Thomas

          Wentworth Higginson.  E 492.94 33rd .H53 2000


Meriwether, Robert L., editor.  The Papers of John C. Calhoun.  E 337.8 .C148


Quaife, Milo M., editor.  The Journals of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Sergeant John Ordway, Kept

          on the Expedition of Western Exploration, 1803-1806.  F 576 .W81 1916


Schafer, Joseph, translator and editor.  Intimate Letters of Carl Schurz, 1841-1869.  F 576 .W81 1928


Scott, E. H., editor.  Journal of the Federal Convention, Kept by James Madison.  JK 141 1893


Sparks, Jared, editor.  The Writings of George Washington, Being His Correspondence, Addresses,

          Messages, and Other Papers, Official and Private, Selected and Published From the Original

          Manuscripts; with a Life of the Author, Notes and Illustrations. 

          Archives/Rare Books E 312.7 1833


Stevens, Michael E., editor.  Letters from the Front, 1898-1945.  E745 .L48 1992


Thwaites, Ruben Gold, editor.  Early Western Travels, 1784-1849; a Series of Annotated Reprints of

          Some of the Best and Rarest Contemporary Volumes of Travel, Descriptive of the Aborigines

          and Social and Economic Conditions in the Middle and Far West, During the Period of Early

          American Settlement.  F 592 .T54


Thwaites, Ruben Gold, editor.  Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition,1804-1806;

          Printed from the Original Manuscripts in the Library of the American Philosophical Society and

          by Direction of Its Committee on Historical Documents, Together with Manuscript Material of

          Lewis and Clark from Other Sources, Including Note-books, Letters, Maps, etc., and the

          Journals of Charles Floyd and Joseph Whitehouse, now for the First Time Published in Full

          and Exactly as Written.  F 592.4 1959


United States Continental Congress.  Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

          Government Documents LC 4.5: vols. 1-34  


United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.  FBI File on the House Committee on Un-American

          Activities (HUAC).  Y 4. UN ½:F 56 (9 reels of microfilm) & Y 4. UN ½:F 56 GUIDE 


Whitney, Ellen M.  The Black Hawk War, 1831-1832.  E 83.83 .W47


Wisconsin Legislature and Legislative Reference Bureau.  Wisconsin Blue Book, 1853 to date.

          Archives JK6074 .A35 1853