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Early Childhood Education: ERIC Docs

Searching ERIC

ERIC Fiche at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

How to look for a specific ERIC fiche?

  1. First check the ERIC database (see link below) for a full-text copy online.

  2. If the document is not available, check the ERIC Fiche at UWSP Library Spreadsheet for the respective ED number. If the ED number is included on the spreadsheet, UWSP Library has the fiche. The ERIC fiche collection is located on the 2nd floor (Microfilm Periodicals section).

  3. If step 1 and 2 were unsuccessful, and if you are affiliated with UWSP, request the ERIC document though Interlibrary Loan (715-346-2809). If you are not affiliated with UWSP, consider contacting the Merit Library at UW-Madison, which is likely to have the most complete ERIC fiche collection in the State.

Good luck!