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Stages of Dissertation Writing (from University of Minnesota)

Stages of Dissertation Writing (from U. of Minnesota)
Read the full descriptions using the link above.  Each stage contains specific practical tips for dissertators.
1: Understanding expectations
2: Identifying your research questions
3: Developing a methodology or methodological framework
4: Surveying literature to position your research in your field
5: Establishing a dissertation committee
6: Writing a dissertation proposal
7: Creating a work plan
8: Creating a dissertation support network
9: Conducting research
10: Conducting a comprehensive literature review
11: Outlining and drafting chapters
12: Taking care of visual details (illustrations, tables, figures, graphics, etc.)
13: Reviewing, revising, and submitting your text for comment and initial approval
14: Creating defense draft and defending dissertation
15: Writing the abstract
16: Finalizing revisions
17: Submitting dissertation  
18: Getting closure 

Finding Dissertations online

Obtaining a Copy of a Dissertation

Dissertations are typically held at the library of the issuing institution, and sometimes a digital copy is in the institution's online repository.  If you find a citation for a dissertation of interest, to read the entire document here are a few hints:

  • When you find a citation for a dissertation, note the institution.  Search the library catalog for that institution.  
  • Try a Google search for the title.
  • Submit an Interlibrary Loan request
  • Purchase a copy from Proquest Dissertation Express (costs start @ $38 for electronic pdf)

Dissertation Calculator (Rochester Institute of Technology Libraries)

"The Dissertation Calculator is a tool that helps demystify the process of completing your dissertation or thesis.  The calculator breaks down the dissertation process into manageable deadlines."  (RIT Libraries)