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Reference: Encyclopedias

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About Encyclopedias


Encyclopedias are a great place to start when looking for information on a given subject by summarizing general knowledge available. These sources are arranged alphabetically but indexes are the best place to locate all the pages where a topic is discussed. Encyclopedias can cover a broad range of topics (general encyclopedias) or focus one a more specific topic (subject encyclopedias).

Subject Encyclopedias

The UWSP library owns a wide variety of subject encyclopedias that can be used for more detailed information. You can search for specific encyclopedias using Search@UW. Below are a few examples the the subject encyclopedias the UWSP Library owns.


General Encyclopedias

While subject encyclopedias provide information on one specific topic, general encyclopedias provide background information on a wide variety of topics. Examples of general encyclopedias the UWSP library owns are listed below.