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Reference: Atlases & Maps

Plat Books

Plat Books


The UWSP library has a collection of Plat Books that are available at the reserve desk. Each plat book accurately shows land ownership, parcel boundaries and acreage. Additional base map features include but are not limited to roadways, waterways, section lines, municipal boundaries and an index to owners. Older editions can be found in archives. (Rockford Map Publishers)



Atlases contain maps or graphic information on just about everything ranging from highways to crop production, spread of diseases, climate variation, historical events, etc. The UWSP library owns several maps at atlases that can be found in the reference room (a few examples are listed below). Some of these maps and atlases are housed in the atlas case and cannot be checked out of the library. You can use Search@UW to find the map or atlas that you are looking for.

Online Resources

Free Online Maps & Atlases

About Gazetteers

What are Gazetteers?

Gazetteers are alphabetical dictionaries of geographic place-names such as towns, mountain ranges and fjords. They often include other information pertaining to these places like history, population and economic characteristics. An example of a gazetteer found in the UWSP library can be seen below.